What do you need to move? List of essentials

You need to prepare for moving to a new house no less seriously than for a hiking trip, keep a lot of information in your head, because there will be no time to correct it. We want to share an experience that will simplify the process of preparing and packing personal belongings. First of all, make a list of the most important items in your opinion and collect them separately from others and call to local movers in boston ma.

During a lifetime, a large number of things accumulate in one place in the house. A comfortable life requires a lot of various furniture, dishes, textiles, clothes, books, appliances, plants in pots and vases… Figurines, children’s crafts, framed family photos – oh, how many little things dear to the heart create comfort and a feeling of home… But right after When you move, you will need things that can provide a little bit of comfort for a while while you unpack boxes and settle in a new place.

Essential items should be packed in separate boxes. You will greatly facilitate your life if you sign these boxes in as much detail and clearly as possible. You can even allocate a marker of a different color (for example, red) for them. It will be necessary to load these boxes into transport in the last place, so that when unloading in a new apartment, they will be the first to get and unpack them.

So, the things of the very first necessity.

1. Food and drink for the first time
In Hollywood movies, happy lovers move into a new home with just a bottle of champagne and two glasses. In life, you will not be full with one glass of sparkling wine. You can be sure that during the move, the appetite will play out serious. Therefore, be sure to collect a small supply of products that are not demanding on storage conditions (moving is a long process, not all products will remain fresh outside the refrigerator). Do not forget water, tea and coffee, a kettle or a thermos of hot water. A plate and a cup for each family member, forks, spoons, a knife, napkins or paper towels – do not hide it far, collect it in a separate box. You can also order delivery of products to a new address.

2. Clothes and shoes for the first time
Save your time and set aside a couple of sets of clothes and shoes in advance, in which you can go to work. By the way, shirts, blouses, suits and coats can be packed in special wardrobe boxes. The design of such boxes allows you to transport (and, if necessary, store) clothes directly on hangers. In addition to work clothes, you will need to collect home clothes and shoes, underwear for all family members. Pack an iron and a clothes brush with your clothes, so you can quickly put your clothes in order.

3. Towels, hygiene products, hair dryer
It is not necessary to put all the accessories from the bathroom and toilet in the box with essentials. You can limit yourself to the bare essentials: toothpaste and toothbrushes, shower gel, shampoo, hair combs, hair dryer, a few towels, a couple of toilet paper rolls.

4. Bed linen, blankets, pillows
You can definitely use them on the day of the move. The bed (or beds) will be assembled and you will be able to sleep in comfort.

5. Baby stuff
If you have children, then you are well aware of how many things your offspring need. Just like adults, children will need clothing for the first time, bed linen and hygiene products. If the child is small, then he will need diapers, bottles. Schoolchildren will need to collect textbooks and workbooks. And be sure to have age-appropriate toys so that the child has something to do while the adults unpack.

6. First aid kit
Be sure to bring medicines that your family members need (for example, your parents need medicines to control blood pressure, and your husband needs medicines to care for contact lenses). In this first aid kit, you need to provide adhesive plasters, painkillers, iodine or similar antiseptics, food poisoning drugs.

7. Toolbox
Screw a shelf, attach a router or other equipment to the wall, hang a chandelier, cornices, paintings, photographs, hooks in the bathroom – small household work will be enough. Collect the necessary set of tools (screwdriver or screwdriver with interchangeable nozzles, hammer, pliers, pliers, wrench) and a small supply of fasteners. You will definitely need several rolls of tape when you need to collect, pack and take out used packaging, garbage, cardboard sheets.

8. Household chemicals
During the arrangement at the new place, there will be a big cleaning. Think about what you need to clean up and collect a small supply of cleaning products, sponges, rags, a mop or broom, garbage bags. A vacuum cleaner may also come in handy. And we strongly recommend that girls grab a pair of thick rubber gloves. Not everyone likes to use them, but hands need to be protected and protected.

9. Things for animals
Do you have a cat, dog, hamster or other pets? You need to collect the essentials for them: tray, filler, food, bowls, collars, beds, cages, toys, etc.

10. Chargers for phones and tablets
Perhaps comments are unnecessary here. This item includes wires and adapters for all computer equipment that you may need immediately after moving. The main thing is not to forget to pack them together with the rest of the essentials.

11. Stationery knife or scissors
You will need a cutting tool when you start opening the boxes. Therefore, do not pack the knife with any other things so that it can be easily obtained in case of emergency.

We have compiled this list based on our many years of experience. Of course, you can add to it according to your needs, but in no case reduce it.

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