Preparing things for transportation

Preparation of things for their transportation with consists in disassembling, packaging and labeling. Using the following recommendations, you can simplify this process:

  • sort things by dividing them into groups;
  • put aside seasonal items in separate boxes that may be needed immediately upon moving;
  • do not be afraid to sell or give away some of the things;
  • make a list of things and products that should be with you on the road;
  • stock up on packing material in advance – cardboard boxes, bags, bubble and stretch film, tape.

For each type of thing, certain types of packaging are used, for example:

  • clothes and shoes – bags, suitcases, cardboard boxes, vacuum packaging, special wardrobe boxes;
  • crockery and other breakable items – cardboard, paper, cardboard boxes, box filler, bubble wrap
  • furniture – film, adhesive tape, cardboard;
  • bed linen and other fabric items – boxes, bags;
  • equipment – cardboard boxes, bubble wrap.

Oil and dyes, as well as household chemicals, should be packed separately.

When you pack a thing, do not forget to mark the place and write it down in your notebook. So it will be easier for you to navigate what-where is, so as not to rack your brains in search of the desired item.

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