Leather office furniture: rules for safe transportation

The nightmare of any leader, on the eve of an office move, is an expensive computer falling to the floor, a scratched table from his own office, a torn upholstery of a leather sofa decorating a meeting room or a reception room. Unfortunately, it often becomes a reality, especially if, in his attempts to save money, the boss decides to carry out the office move with the help of employees, not wanting to spend money on paying for the services of a moving company https://www.flashmoving.net/. And the savings turn into large expenses for the restoration of damaged property or the acquisition of new things to replace those that failed as a result of careless handling.

Most often, during the move, upholstered leather furniture suffers. Genuine leather is considered to be a fairly thin and sensitive material, and any careless movement is enough for its surface to be seriously damaged. Unfortunately, restoring a leather sofa or chair can be difficult, and the place of damage constantly reminds of itself with a rough seam or a difference in color. Therefore, it is necessary to take all possible measures to prevent damage to upholstered leather furniture and maintain its perfect appearance.

In order to prevent damage to leather products, the specialists of the moving company:

Select special packaging materials that can completely protect the surface of the skin from scratches, tears or cuts;
Upholstered furniture is transported separately from other interior items so that their accidental fall does not cause damage to the leather product;
They use special transport that allows you to securely fix the furniture in the car body, excluding its tipping over, falling foreign objects or moving inside the car body while driving;
Carefully bring and load the sofas on the car, preventing them from falling;
Do not start loading and unloading upholstered leather furniture without proper packaging on it, or in the case when the existing packaging is unable to guarantee the protection of the surface of the leather product.

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