Everyone for whom an aquarium is a true work of art understands how difficult it was to create it, choosing the details and placing all the elements in their places. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop a beautiful interior arrangement. But what to do if you have to move?

We advise you to familiarize yourself with the basic rules for transporting aquariums so that the tank arrives at a new place intact, and its inhabitants remain unharmed.

Basic rule!

Never transport an aquarium with fish. This is a huge stress for aquatic inhabitants, which not everyone can cope with. In addition, during transportation, water may splash out, and therefore an increased load on the seams cannot be ruled out. This can lead to deformation of the latter.

Before moving the aquarium, you should:

dismantle the tank;
disconnect all devices from the network;
extract all the inhabitants of the aquarium into a separate container;
take out all decorative elements and pack them separately.

Advice. If you are afraid to forget the location of each of the elements in the future, just take a picture of the aquarium from several angles before all the manipulations.

How to transport an aquarium with plants?

The container must be cleaned before transport. The roots of the plants must be kept moist while moving, so it is recommended to transport them in bags with a small amount of water.

Once the tank has been completely emptied, it must be packed in an appropriately sized box. The walls must be additionally protected with a layer of cardboard or foam. Small aquariums are recommended to be filled with paper inside and wrapped with bubble wrap on the outside – this will give additional protection when moving.

How to transport fish?

When worrying about the delivery of a glass aquarium, do not forget about its inhabitants as well. For their safe transportation, it is worth using transparent containers: it is easier to control the condition of your pets in them. If possible, try to transport cold water fish in the winter and warm water fish in the summer. At the same time, during transportation, water should in no case exceed the indicators familiar to fish.

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