What difficulties await those who decide to move the apartment on their own? And why do the vast majority of them repeatedly recall the hackneyed folk wisdom that compares this process with a natural disaster?

The main items on the agenda will be:

Where and how much to buy packaging materials, as well as how to properly pack the property?

Searching for boxes in nearby stores is an unpleasant experience, and broken dishes, scratched surfaces of expensive appliances and chipped corners of furniture can deliver a lot of negative emotions.

Where to find responsible and qualified loaders?

You can, of course, involve relatives, friends or neighbors. In this case, you should not be surprised that when organizing an apartment move, movers from among your entourage may carelessly handle your things or not appear at all at the appointed time. And do not forget that you will have to be directly involved in loading and unloading operations. You will get especially positive impressions in the case of a non-working elevator.

Where can I get the right transport?

Of course, it’s good when the same friends have a small truck. Otherwise, it will not be possible to move the apartment inexpensively and you will have to hire an appropriate car.

How to organize an apartment move in Moscow so that it does without moral and material losses and is carried out efficiently and promptly?

Ordering an apartment move in a specialized company will be the only competent decision and a guarantee of a responsible and serious approach. At the same time, do not forget to think over your actions. After choosing a carrier company, you should:

correctly assess the scope of work and the cost of property;
formulate your requirements for its transportation;
draw up a plan for the implementation of the event, determining the timing and time.

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